Greater longevity and aging populations have been accompanied by an increase in dementia sufferers that is no longer limited to certain developed nations, but is set to become a problem for all humankind.

Delegates at the G8 Dementia Summit held in London, the UK, in December 2013, acknowledged that dementia is a universal problem requiring an urgent solution. The representatives of all the G8 countries agreed on a declaration setting out specific commitments for tackling the dementia issue together, as well as a communique detailing matters to be addressed going forward.

Prompted by such developments, international public-private partnerships (PPPs) were formed in Europe and the US, resulting in a more frequent implementation of effective dementia countermeasures through cross-sector collaboration involving industry, government, academia, and dementia sufferers themselves. A prime example was the G8 Dementia Summit’s host country, the UK, which formed the World Dementia Council (WDC), bringing together experts from the fields of industry, healthcare, and policy making to pursue comprehensive, transnational dementia countermeasures.

Meanwhile, dementia is a particularly pressing challenge for Japan, the world’s most aging society. Its dementia sufferers numbered 4.62 million in 2012, and are expected to exceed 7 million by 2025. Yet Japan’s dementia countermeasures are still regarded as lagging behind where they should be. Therefore, in a bid to expedite Japan’s efforts as a nation, the 12th meeting of the WDC is to be held in Japan.

Running concurrently with the WDC12 meeting in Japan, Nikkei and the Financial Times―media entities representing Japan and the UK―will hold the Japan-UK Dementia Conference. The conference will be organized as a joint project involving the WDC, the Health and Global Policy Institute, Nikkei, and the Financial Times. A conference steering committee will be set up to oversee the program for the conference as a whole. In conjunction with the conference itself, the plan is to gather together stakeholders in the issue of dementia countermeasures representing industry, government, and academia in Japan and overseas. They will share knowledge from Japan and the UK, and discuss in concrete terms how to create and make use of international PPPs.

This Japan-UK Dementia Conference will be widely publicized throughout the international community via the Nikkei, the Financial Times, and other Nikkei Group media. It will raise awareness of the importance of international collaboration in combatting dementia and pioneer sustainable initiatives.



 こうした動きを受けて、欧米では国際的なPPP(Public Private Partnership)を組織し、産官学そして患者の各セクターが共同した効果的な認知症対策への取り組みが活発化しています。とりわけ、G8認知症サミットの議長国となった英国では産業、医療、政策立案のエキスパートを集めたWorld Dementia Council(WDC)を組織、包括的なおかつ国家の枠組みを超えた認知症対策を推進しています。


 WDC12の日本開催に合わせて日本経済新聞社とFinancial Timesは、日英を代表するメディアとして「日英認知症会議」を同時開催します。本会議は、WDC 、HGPI、日本経済新聞社とFTの共同プロジェクトとし、会議のステアリンコミッティを設置、会議全体のコンテンツを監修します。並行して、国内外から「認知症」対策における産官学のステークホルダーを一堂に会し、日英における知見を共有するとともに、国際的なPPPの構築と活用について具体的な議論を展開する予定です。


Overview - 開催概要

日 時
March 15(Thu),2018
会 場
Roppongi Academy Hills, Tokyo
主 催
Nikkei Inc., the Financial Times
日本経済新聞社 フィナンシャル・タイムズ
In partnership with
協 力
World Dementia Council (WDC), Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI)
World Dementia Council(WDC) 日本医療政策機構(HGPI)
Other potential supporters and partners
後 援
British Embassy Tokyo
駐日英国大使館 他
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